I worked at Sunnyside training as a nurse in 1961and worked there for 40 years it is a shame to see its condition now . Congratulations on setting up this site it brings back fond memories to me.
Very interesting to come across this as I am researching some family connections to the hospital, someone who worked as a nurse probably from 1920-1970. He is listed as living at Angus House then Hillside. He was also responsible, along with three others, for the Robbie Burns plaque somewhere in a wall surrounding the hospital. A connected relative seemed to live with him and his wife, whether she was also a patient I don't know. I read today that the site has been bought and will be redeveloped, so I am glad such a beautiful building will not be demolished.
If anyone reading thinks they may know something about the people I have referred to above, please get in touch. there are some very interesting "bigger picture" stories.
I was a presenter/producer at Radio Sunnyside for the twenty years, along with my wife Ann - Radio Sunnyside was so special that in 2004 we won the Scottish National Health Service Award. Two programs were special Melody Mixture and Tartan Tonic. We called it radio therapy with a difference, and the difference was that the patients could take part. We formed many good relationships over the years.

Our equipment was old, but it did the job
I WORKED THERE FROM 1976 TO 1998 as Nursing As st and loved it had many a good night out at social club events...many stories to tell.Was up looking about 3rd es ago What a shame to see it now.only hope something is done with it before its to late
Worked at Sunnyside from 1981 to 1983 and loved every minute of it, reluctantly left in 83 to return to Aberdeen but have kept contact with many people I became friends with through Sunnyside. Met my husband there when I worked with him in ward 24.Hate to see the state of the hospital these days, it all looks so sad and abandoned, some lovely old buildings just going to waste. Hope something's done with the site soon
I worked at Sunnyside in the kitchen for about 3years, I lived in the nursing home and the only thing that freaked me out was running up from the nursing home to the main buildings at 6 am in winter time, other than that have very fond memories of the place.
Trained here early seventies. Loved it, and have many happy memories of those I worked with, and the many friends I made in the Nurses Home.
I worked in ward 16 as part of my general training in 1980. I loved my time there so much I considered switching courses! I often wonder what happened to the patients from that ward, Many had been incarcerated for many many years, one lady for shop lifting at the age of 14! When I worked there she was almost 50!! Unbelievable now to imagine that was possible. I also remember the tales do staff who worked there post war,... Too unbelievable to write down. It's sad to see the place abandoned.
Great place Sunnyside, I and my wife Ann had the pleasure of presenting Radio Sunnyside, for nearly twenty years. We called it Radio Therapy with a difference, where the `residents` could take an active part in producing and presenting the programs. We worked with many of them over the years. The radio room was maintained by the hospital staff, who kept us going right to the end.

RADIO SUNNYSIDE - Melody Mixture and Tartan Ton
I worked at Sunnyside, from December 1981, until January 1986. I started as a nursing assistant, on ward 20, did my training (started Feb 1982), qualified in October '85 (Yes - I was 'put back' 6 months! Too much partying to get on with my studies!). Once qualified - I worked on ward 21, until I left.
I met my husband there, when we were both student nurses.
We have many happy memories of our time there!
What happened to Dr. Keddie's 'museum'? I hope it still exists, somewhere?
Awesome site Both my Mum @ Dad worked at Sunnyside , it was more than just a hospital as kids we grew up with and around everyday life and running's of the hospital. we Knew many of the patients , so sad to see the grounds and buildings left to ruin.
My father, David Edward Lamond, worked at Sunnyside after WWII. He'd been in the merchant marine as a sick bay attendant and returned home to find employment in the "asylum". He completed his nurse training there in the mid to late 1940s. I'd be interested to know if there are any staff records that could be accessed.
My Aunt was patient from around the mid thirties until her death in 1976. As a child I would come up from Glasgow to Montrose with my parents to visit her. She was a private patient until the NHS made it possible for her to move. It seems the way I remember she was in Angus House first and then moved to the main building. We used to take her out and go into town and have tea and shop at the department store for the things she needed. Always she would go home with a box of chocolates.

At one time I think in the late 50's there was talk of her being able to live independently. I know she would have had to move to Glasgow and be near my parents. But she had been so long at Sunnyside that a move like that would have been too traumatic. I live in St. Louis Missouri and when I found this web sight it was so nice to be able to reminisce and remember my Aunt and the lovely surroundings. It just never seemed she was anywhere but home where she was happy. Thank you all.
Staff Nurse Ward 9 1992-1994. Very happy times.
My aunt was a patient at Angus House until she was moved over to the main hospital when the NHS took over. She remained at Sunnyside until her death in 1976. I have memories of coming up with my parents on the train from Glasgow to visit her.
They would take her shopping for clothes at a department store in town and then out to tea.

Both my parents worked there on the early sixties and I have great memories of the place including playing football and cricket for the teams along with my dad also willie I especially remember the players names including Geordie Buchan adie wylie (fast bowler) bob kerr(fast bowler) and larry mckechnie(wicket keeper) and fred the umpire, one of he patients kept the scorebook his name was ..... .... football players I remember were alf and Ronnie warden
We used to queue in the corridor and the patients were always allowed in first and we used to run up the stairs after they were admitted to grab the best seats .
I remember the tutor as mr McLennan and I used to play tennis on the tennis court next to the nurses home.
One of the engineers in the boiler house whch kept the place running was alan leven and I knew his 2 sons Quentin and Alan jnr . I stayed 2 doors away from them at westmount cottages
The hospital used to have their own laundry at the hospital boss was Mr Mcneil , he had a son Gordon who I believe joined the police, as did the aforementioned tutor son Ian Mclennan (Met I believe)
Other members of staff that I can remember are Joe Greig,Bill McDonald Bob Gillespie, willie Gowk.
I used to go to the shop/cvafe in the hospital and have a regular ice cream along with my mother.
I have been to the hospital within the last few years and I am bitterly disappointed about the state of the place now. I have lots of happy memories ,there will never be another place like it
I am attempting to contact Maureen Kelly who worked as a nurse at Sunnyside - 1982 era or thereabouts.
worked in Sunnyside 81-89, many memories being brought back going through this site. i got married in the hospital chapel there in 1989, i believe it was the first wedding to happen there.
Loved. Working at Sunnyside . Fond memories .
My dad took me here as he used to work here when he was around 21 he is now 50 and I was amazed at everything about it. I really hope that this does not go to waste and some day in the future will get turned into something really nice as it has great potential.
Worked there in the 1970s and lived in the nurses home..I'll always have good memories of the people I worked with. .Great timez
Well documented site, Remember hearing the siren many times echoing out over the golf course..anybody remember where the actual siren was mounted??

Well done.
Since this hospital has closed, can you still go and walk round the grounds taking photographs of the derelict abandoned buildings.... don't want to be chased by some rabid guard dogs.lol
I have fond memories of Sunnyside and the happy days I spent there producing and presenting the oldest hospital radio station in the country - Radio Sunnyside. With my wife Ann we ran a twice weekly radio programme in which many patients took an active part. We did the actual close down radio show
worked at sunnyside for 14yrs and just visited it for the 1st time since I left.totally shocked at the state of the place..
I am the sixth great granddaughter of Alexander Christie (1721-1794), the Montrose Provost, who helped found the initial Montrose Asylum, Infirmary and Dispensary. I was very happy to discover this information about my family and their contributions to this cause. There have been numerous descendants also named Alexander Christie (or Christy) who came to America and settled in central Wisconsin. If you are aware of additional sources of family or pedigree information on my Montrose ancestor, you can contact me at mernehalweg@gmail.com. Thank you!
What an amazing site.Thanks for all hard work that has went into this.
Mixture of emotions when I saw this website.
Lots of amazing, happy memories from what I consider the best years of my life when training and when I was a Staff Nurse.Amazing seeing comments from so many people I worked with.
Very sad to see the state of the building.When I'm next over I'm going to have to come up and really think back.
Pictures are amazing.
My mum worked at Sunnyside for many years and it has always been a place I have known about but took for granted at how much history those walls have I never really appreciated how beautiful the buildings are it is such a shame to see it abandoned.I took my 10 year old son there to have a look around and we both loved it and hope that it will be saved and used once again
How sad to look through this site and see how amazing a place Sunnyside was compared to how it is now. I live not far from it and frequently walk around the grounds. It's amazing to think how much history lives in the walls. I just hope something is done with the buildings soon. Would be horrible for them to rot away!
I worked at Sunnyside from 76 to 82. I have recently visited the hospital and found it very sad to see the decay and vandalism. Some of the signs did make me laugh though. If the placed is riddled with asbestos as the signs say, why were we allowed to work in it?? As for dangerous building keep out, it was more dangerous when it was inhabited.
I've lived in the grounds for almost 35 years & it tears me up every time I walk round it now. Thank you for the Memories
I trained and worked at Sunnyside as a nurse from the late 80's onwards. I have very fond memories of working there. This website has given me a good trip down memory lane as well as information about the history of the place that I wasn't familiar with before. More photos would be great! Still have many great friends and colleagues that I met there.
It is a really interesting website, enjoyed reading about it. Well done
Lots of happy memories of 38 years how things have changed.
Started at Sunnyside 13th June 1960, a bright windy day and moved on in January 1964. Really liked Sunnyside very much and have many memories. Retired from nursing on 13th March 2008 in the USA and returned to the auld country in January 2014. A very good site.
Congratulations Alex on a great website. Having started at Sunnyside back in 1980 when it was going strong, it is difficult to believe it is now closed. It is sad to see the photos of the buildings boarded up, especially Carnegie Clinic and the main building. I remember so many good nights had in the recreation hall with Christmas and Halloween parties. working at was like being part of a small village. I am still in the NHS working at the Maudsley and proudly still tell people of what Sunnyside was like.
Just found this website. Writing "A Sunnyside Chronicle" was a very rewarding task for me and I am delighted to see the story completed and available to a much wider audience. An excellent effort. Thank you.
Just found this website. An excellent effort and good to see the story of Sunnyside complete up to its closure. I found writing "A Sunnyside Chronicle" a very rewarding task and I am delighted that is being brought to a much wider audience.
I was a Nursing Officer at Sunnyside from 1977-1981, it was a wonderful place to work with a committed staff, Scott Rainey was DNS and Ken Donald and Charlie Pirie were the SNO's. I lived in a Hospital house on College Hall, the one nearest the hospital next to Frank Milne. A wonderful time of our lives my wife and the children remember it with great fondness.
Loads of good memories of Sunnyside.Started work there at fifteen .Met loads of nice people (Patients & staff )
Sorry, patient identifiable information can't be displayed on these pages therefore any inpatient names will be blanked out in the guestbook.
The retention schedule for psychiatric records is 150 years after death so patient records will be inaccessible for most requests.
As for the museum - it closed a number of years ago and the contents were archived at Dundee University. Much of this can be accessed on the web by typing "Unlocking the Medicine Chest" into Google. Good luck searching the archives as the directory structure is really confusing!
Great site and very informative. I worked at Sunnyside and the Nurses Home in the late 1960's for 2 - 3 years when it was all getting rewired. Thanks for giving us this lovely site. Will be back.
Thank you for making this website so accessible, well-organized, and informative. I understand there was a psychiatric museum affiliated with this facility at one time. Does it still exist? How would one go about retrieving patient records for family members institutionalized there?
I found this really interesting as my grandma was a patient here for many years but I cannot understand why she was brought all the way from Glasgow.She died at Sunnyside but was taken home to Glasgow for burial.Her name was ***** *****.
Very interesting site about Sunnyside, photos are great and a lot of information and detail about the hospital. Shame such a lovely building is left derilict.
Still very interested in Sunnyside; several generations of my family worked there and I will keep coming back here to have another look!
Fantastic work well done.
What a gem of a website!
There's a lack of information in one place about Sunnyside so I'm chuffed to see someone has put work in to making this happen. It's such a fascinating place to read about and I know most people would love to get a sneaky look at how things were done 100+ years ago and in modern times.

Such a shame these beautiful buildings are left to rot. I visited today, first time in maybe 4 years and I was sad to see how run down it all looked. Everything overgrown and decaying, looters stealing and animals making a home.

I really hope something becomes of at least some of these buildings, I'm quite sure many would love to pay and get a tour inside... so please, no flats, make it something more interesting than that!

Many thanks for a great site!
Congratulations Alex. Really enjoyed the visit to the site